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1. Recall, tesis = judgement o Are justice and retribution the same thing? (i.e. Is retribution just?) Retribution is not man-made law, but may have the same weight 2. Is “natural” law becoming less significant? o Orestes openly argues with Zeus 3. Parallel of the murders (and lack thereof) o How does Aeschylus make us look at the fates of Agamemnon and Clytaemestra? o Agamemnon cries out, but Clytaemestra doesn’t o Made to seem more sad when Agamemnon dies o Clytaemestra often seems to enjoy her pursuit o The death of Iphigenia isn’t brought up in great detail, so we aren’t made to feel as much pity towards Clytaemestra o We see more of Orestes’ and Electra’s story than Clytaemestra’s, so we sympathize with the former two more. 4. Line 438 of Libation Bearers – Orestes: “Let me but take her life and die for it.” o Orestes understands how the cycle works o Both Orestes and Clytaemestra seem to realize that there’s nothing they can do to stop the cycle—futility 5. What if Agamemnon had killed Clytaemestra instead?
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Unformatted text preview: o Culturally, much more acceptable for man to kill woman o Children feel more connected to their father than mother 6. Repetition of lion o Aegisthus is a strengthless lion, also called a wolf o Agamemnon is a proud lion o Clytaemestra is a woman-lioness Often seems very masculine What exactly is a womans place in the society? 7. Place of women o Women are supposed to be delicate, but Clytaemestra doesnt act this way o Women sit at home while mans hard work supports them o Helen is described as a lion cub who grew to become a giant murderer She isnt directly responsible for anything, but she is more or less blamed by Aeschylus for all of the deaths of the Trojan war o Clytaemestra knows that shes seen as merely a woman, and uses this to her advantage o Electra doesnt believe its her place to take revenge against her mother 8. NYCityCenter Electra tickets 10/10-10/14...
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