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Alan Daboin LitHum Notes for September 12, 2007 Consider the following notes edited and revised for the sake of clarity and cohesiveness. Group 4 Group 4 had not presented in the previous class. They were to present on Book 11 (lines 691-751) Q: What is this passage about? A: It is Nestor’s speech to Achilles. Q: What is the context? A: Nestor is whining about Achilles not partaking in the war. He tells an anecdote in order to shame him. Q: Can we have a brief summary? A: Well, basically, a younger Nestor rose up and defeated the enemy in the anecdote. Someone restrained him, but he still managed to wreak plenty of havoc. Q: What does this show us about Nestor? A: It shows at least a couple of things. For instance, it shows he values his heritage. It also shows he is brave and courageous even in situations of adversity. So basically this passage deals with Nestor’s belief in family values and honor. Q: Does Nestor show us anything else? A: You can say he shows the reader in this passage that he places a great value in tribute to the gods. Q: What passage did you choose to compare or contrast? A: If you turn to page 171 in your book you’ll see. Nestor’s heritage and honor are brought up as well. Q: What role does Homer give Nestor anyway?
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Notes_for_Class___3 - Alan Daboin LitHum Notes for...

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