Boccaccio's_Decameron_and_Montaigne's_Essays_(Notes) -...

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Unformatted text preview: Boccaccio’s The Decameron • Question: How would one characterize the psychology of desire in Boccaccio? o Force to do actions not normally done Example of the Scholar, who is a philosophical thinker but deviates from reason in the hopes that he will be comforted by deviation o Desire brings out the best and worst in people Humility Example of the Scholar: • “So indignant…for securing his revenge” (p592) compared to quote in p.593 ending in “…and bitter lamentations” • Desire directed at the wrong person • Desire turns on itself (good love gone bad) Example of the Gardener who held true love or he would have pushed for a moment with the woman in the garden • Love can work in a different number of ways; stories can do more that save the self o Boccaccio save his life through stories, perhaps he is doing the same for other people • Love as secondary to other ideas that Boccaccio is trying to work out – unidentifiable categories pertaining to the ideas of “love” • The summary of stories are not Boccaccio’s transcending ideas o “Moral”: there’s more to the story than the storyteller knows • Idea that propriety of storytellers keeps the impropriety of the characters within the story • Introduction, p.16: “We could go and stay together…without overstepping the boundaries of what is reasonable.” •...
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Boccaccio's_Decameron_and_Montaigne's_Essays_(Notes) -...

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