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Aeneid by Virgil Book I -association with Homer -Virgil very aware of Homer -fills in the holes in the story by Homer -Is Virgil under the shadow of Homer? Or is he simply aware of Homer? -uses the same meter with Homer’s poems -difference from Homer in the first line I sing of arms and of a man” Does not cast muses for the song – more self-conscious than Homer (Even so, he later casts muses for the reason behind the acts of divinities - > may be the frustration from inability to understand the gods) -Aeneid as a national epic -story of the establishment of Rome -some argue the poem is a pure propaganda -context of the poem Aeneid was written when Octavian beat Anthony and tried to unite the nation -> in such background, the poem naturally becomes the story about the “greatness of Rome” It was also written in the tradition of Roman literature: Romans considered their culture as a “successor” of the Greek culture, not as an “inheritor” of it. -fate and the gods
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Christine_Kim_-_Class_Notes_for_January_23 - Aeneid by...

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