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LitHum - Hamlet I By Alan Daboin Author Biographical Note: Shakespeare was born in the 1500s. He was not well-educated and there’s a famous line that makes fun of that. It goes something like “He has a little Latin and less Greek). Nonetheless, people were jealous of him. He was active in London theater and was politically savvy. At some point in his life, he married a woman 8 years his senior. Interesting detail: Some have actually given credence to the idea that Shakespeare himself didn’t write his work, but rather someone like Francis Bacon, an important philosopher. Now on to Hamlet (1600) What are the words we associate with Hamlet? Here’s what some of said: melancholy, feminine, procrastinating adolescent. What can we relate to Hamlet? The Oresteia, the Lion King Why is the beginning of the play so distanced from Hamlet the character? Well, it’s important that others saw the ghost of the elder Hamlet before Hamlet himself, for otherwise it would be too easy to judge Hamlet as crazy. Furthermore, it introduces
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Unformatted text preview: the background story and refers to the upcoming political anxiety. Some references made/read/mentioned in class p. 11- Marcellus wants to know why there’s been so much activity at night. Nothing seems to be out in the open for all citizens, not even for Horatio himself. [Is the last sentence I wrote related to the page reference?] p. 65- line 158 p. 53- line 90 (Referring to old Hamlet?) p. 93- p. 33-top of 35 p. 19 lines 1-26-Somewhat hypocritical sounding-Kind of like guy from Medea-“defeated joy”- what does this oxymoron say about him?-“green”- multiple layers of meaning?-p. 55- ghost speech, purgatory-like condition-in lines 29-31 (must be around p.55), Hamlet’s lines are rather reflective of something since it deals with meditations between an un-hasty revenge. p. 61- Hamlet speech-People are hypocrites Think about this: What’s the point of the ghost wearing armor?...
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Daboin-_Hamlet_pt._1_notes - the background story and...

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