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Notes_2-18 - what goes where after death(body soul How...

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Notes 2/18 Purgatorio/ Paradiso How would you characterize the transition from Purgatorio to Paradiso? -As you get farther away from hell, language seems more abstract (Purg) pg 281 ll. 40-46 Dante sees something that he doesn’t understand. (Purg) pg 283 ll. 73 Focuses on visual way of dealing with things. (Para) pg 27 ll. 124 We see in these quotes how Dante we lose detailed description (Para) pg 31 ll. 10 description of what he sees because he doesn’t have the words to (Para) pg 243 ll. 5 describe them. Dante learns more about heavenly justice through visual experience. What language can or can not describe something never before seen? -He is less about to explain as he writes How can Dante differentiate the description of heaven from the past two books? Why did Dante’s ancestors show up in paradise? - pg 145 ll. 115-121 Body and Soul (Purg) pg 193 ll. 58 (Purg) pg 197 ll. 127-136 (Purg) pg 21 ll. 7-13 19-25 -the body is being punished -each time the body is punished, it helps cleanse soul
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Unformatted text preview: - what goes where after death? (body, soul) How would you compare Dante’s idea of justice to classical ideas of justice? (Para) pg 31 ll. 10-45 Plato’s philosophy is referenced that before a soul is born it is fixed in one star. When you die, you go back to that star. He believed that stars had an enormous influence on your life and personality. Beatrice says that Plato is wrong and that people can choose how they act. (Para) pg 255 ll. 127 Virgil announces that he will be leaving Dante (Para) pg 269 ll 55-57 Virgil has no ability to comprehend earthly paradise. He is just as confused as Dante. (Para) pg 279 ll 31-49 Beatrice enters and we lose Virgil Remember to distinguish Dante the character from Dante the poet Dante uses medieval references in his writing.-(Para) pg 43 ll. 31-33 References OMO- a skull-(Para) pg 73 ll. 100-03 Uses language to create snake sounds-(Purg) pg 172 ll. References LVE or LUE, which in latin means pestilence...
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