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04/03/2008 16:41:00 Important influences of Montaigne: Stoicism o Reason is paramount o Good vs. evil: Moral virtue is the only good Wickedness is the only evil There exists a “perfectly virtuous/wise man” who, when he sees  his own child drowning, should help if he can, but should not  feel distressed if he fails to o “Follow nature”: one develops moral awareness by a progressive  realization of what’s naturally appropriate for the self. o One needs to understand the difference between what’s in your power  and what isn’t o Distress, pity, and fear are to be avoided since they reflect a false  judgment of what is evil
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Unformatted text preview: o Pantheism – god/divinity is present in everything as a spirit • Catholicism Examples of Stoicism and Catholicism in Montaigne: • Stoic o Pg. 131: “Death is terrible to Cicero… • Catholic o Pg. 238: “To base…become customs.” Don’t cede to the capricious influences of the public; instead, follow a higher calling (also stoic, in terms of following your own opinion) o Pg. 109: “With all of our efforts we cannot imitate the next of the very smallest bird, its structure, its beauty, or the suitability of its form.” God’s creations are incomparable to human creations....
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