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Pride and Prejudice- day 2 7/7/08 Pg 200- Places enormous weight on language—trying to find the perfect word for feelings. Pg 109- Continual assessment of how language is used to figure out emotions. Exercise Group 1 - pg 157 After Elizabeth read Darcy’s letter, she is “deliberated on the probability of each statement.” She logically assesses what he is telling her. Is she setting aside her emotions while she reasons? Pure Reason vs. Pure Emotion- Are they even direct opposites of each other? Reason (Prudence/Pragmatism) - Lydia Emotion- Wickham, Charlotte
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Unformatted text preview: In Between- Mr. Bennett Happiness- Ethical and political category Group 2- pg 94-96 Charlotte reasons that she will never have another chance at marriage and money if she does not marry Mr. Collins. Group 3- pg 14-16 Charlotte is trying to figure out how to approach getting married. “Happiness and marriage is a matter of chance. ..” Group 4- pg 91-92 Elizabeth is trying to convince Jane that Bingley’s sisters are responsible for his departure of Netherfield Park. Pg 64- How does reason work within the novel?...
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