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Roxanne Unger 1/28/08 AENEID Notes Books II-VI Relationship of past to present - Past is HORRIBLE; focus is on the future (set it aside unless it can help you look ahead) - If you (Trojan people) can’t make it, you have to be left behind stronger future Aeneas meets Andromache (p. 66) - vision of “mini-Troy” not presented as rebirth; more diminished; not hopeful - Andromache o Virgil doesn’t appear to approve of her attitude o Meeting shows idea that “new” Troy is not just going to be a better Troy; it will be something new and entirely different Aeneas - Goal: “redeem what happened”, continue Trojan line; not necessarily thinking too far ahead - Aeneas wants to die, doesn’t really share in excitement over future; knows he won’t share in the benefits of his work - doesn’t feel particularly useful - devoid of much character; almost entirely defined as pious , this characteristic qualifies him to lead exodus (?) - Personal relationships are really important to him Dido - Makes Aeneas happy for a bit
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Roxanne's_AENEID_Notes_1_28_08 - Roxanne Unger 1/28/08...

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