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Malik Wallington Sr. Rose Ann Fleming Efficient Reading and Study Skills Final Exam Thursday, May 07, 2009 Final Exam Part 1 a. 1.Eastern happiness is defined as needing nothing from outside himself 2.Western happiness is defined as material possessions 3.Cardi’s definition of happiness is that there is no high level of happiness and that you must have an equal balance between the two in order to achieve true happiness. 4. My definition of happiness is similar to Cardi’s in the fact that material things are nice but in the long run it’s the people around you that bring you true happiness. b. Mark Twain looks at the river in two different ways. One way he looks at it by seeing the pure beauty and grandeur of the river then the other way he sees the true dangers that lurk on the river now that he has become a captain of a steamboat and knows the nuances of river travel c. The dedication to JS/07/N378 is so appropriate because Auden is arguing that the world is becoming less and less personal each day and becoming more and more just a number. A number that can be identified in a long list of other numbers. He dedicated this to a random number because he felt that this number would represent the reader and his audience in general that now were reduced to just a number d. 1. Economic pressure-the fact that college is so expensive and the fear of not wasting
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Reading Final - Malik Wallington Sr. Rose Ann Fleming...

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