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Homework 2, Statistics 430, Spring 2008 This homework is due Tuesday, February 5 th in class. 1. (a) Ross, Problem 1.21 in the Problems Section, pg. 17 (b) Ross, Problem 1.22 in the Problems Section, pg. 18 2. Ross, Problem 2.15 in the Problems Section, pg. 57 3. Ross, Problem 2.28 in the Problems Section, pg. 58 4. Ross, Problem 2.31 in the Problem Section, pg. 59 5. a) Ross, Problem 2.52 in the Problems Section, pg. 60 b) What is the probability of getting a pair if two left and two right shoes are chosen? 6. Ross, Problem 3.11 in the Problems Section, pg. 112 7. Ross, Problem 3.12 in the Problems Section pg. 112 8. In answering a question on a multiple choice test, a candidate either knows the answer
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Unformatted text preview: with probability p (0<p<1) or does not know the answer with probability 1-p. If the candidate knows the answer, she puts down the correct answer with probability .99, whereas if she guesses, the probability of putting down the correct answer is 1/k (where k is the number of choices). Find the conditional probability that the candidate knew the answer to a question, given that she has made the correct answer. Show that this probability tends to 1 as k increases to infinity. 9. For any two events A and B show that: A. If P(A|B) >P(A) then P(B|A)>P(B). B. If A and B are independent then A complement and B complement are independent....
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