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interview with ben - just like to do my own thing 4 Very...

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Interview with Ben Lively by Scott Purser 1. What is your place in the Georgia Music Scene? That is, what do you do? a. I was the founder of Right Hand Drive, and I now play in a band called Just For Kicks. 2. Tell us a little about Right Hand Drive. a. Right Hand Drive was an indie band a few years back in the “Hardcore Years” of Georgia. We played with a bunch of hardcore bands all over. It was fun, but we broke up after we got tired of the style. 3. It’s funny to me Ben, seems like after RHD broke up, a bunch of indie bands took the place of the hardcore bands. a. I know right! (laughs) And so after all these indie bands started coming up, I started Just For Kicks, an old school hardcore band. I guess I always
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Unformatted text preview: just like to do my own thing. 4. Very true. How did you get involved with the whole scene anyway? a. Well, my Dad used to play guitar, so of course I learned from him. I just loved it from the beginning. Also, I got involved with the skater scene, which brought all new forms of music than a 12 year old kid was used to. I started going to shows, and its history from there. 5. And then you got me into it. Do you think you will always be in the music scene? a. Always man, always. No matter what form of music the kids do next, I will always be involved. I love it- it’s a part of me....
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