tajiks - population of the United States is 303,870,000...

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Scott Purser Dr. Fisher ECON 2105 17 April 2008 Tajikistan and US Tajikistan and the United States are vastly different countries in almost every aspect, including their economy. Tajikistan is overall a much poorer country. Its GPD is $9.405 billion, while the United States’ is $13.84 trillion. However, Tajikistan has a higher growth rate, at 7%, compared at 5.2% for the U.S. The GDP per capita is only $1,300 for Tajikistan, while GDP per capita for America is $46,000. Tajikistan’s GDP deflator is a whopping 904.1 while the United State’s is 120.542. The United State’s CPI is 4.3%, and Tajikistan’s is 7.5%. Tajikistan imports $1.513 billion and exports $1.16 billion, equaling a trade deficit of $353 million; America imports $1.987 trillion and exports $1.14 trillion, with a deficit of $847 million. This further shows the disparity between the two countries. The population of Tajikistan is 6,920,300 with a growth of 1.895%, while the
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Unformatted text preview: population of the United States is 303,870,000, with a growth of 0.894%. The literacy rate of Tajikistan is 99.5%, which is comparable to the United States, which is 99%. America’s unemployment rate is only 4.8%, while Tajikistan’s is 12%. The unit of currency for Tajikistan is the Somoni, while of course the United State’s is the Dollar. The Central Bank of Tajikistan is aptly named the National Bank of Tajikistan, while the United States is the Federal Reserve. The current exchange rate is 0.29 somoni for one U.S. dollar. When all these figures and statistics are taken into account, it’s rather easy to see why the United States is a wealthier country- essentially, we have more of everything. However, Tajikistan’s excellent literacy rate, as well as its higher than average growth rate, gives it the opportunity to better itself and become more prosperous....
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tajiks - population of the United States is 303,870,000...

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