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guiness.anger.3 - Matt Niemiec SPIFO ANGER Anger has always...

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Matt Niemiec SPIFO – ANGER Anger has always been a sin that I have struggled with quite a bit. Whether it is on the soccer field or living with my four siblings, I have had much experience with anger. For me, the first area I struggle with anger is on the soccer pitch. I have always been an extremely competitive individual and I find it hard to “take crap” from other people when playing against them, especially if I am having a bad game. One area where anger initially begins is in my language. I am the first to admit that I do not have the cleanest mouth on the soccer pitch, and it is an area where I desperately need improvement. The words that I say, either to spur myself on or to frustrate the other team often fuel my own intense fire in nothing short of sinful ways. I agree with the Mary Gordon excerpt where she says, “The original cause of anger is less important than the momentum it has built up. Anger rolls and rolls like a flaming boulder down a hill, gathering mass and speed until any thought of cessation is so far beside the point, recovery seems hopeless.” This is very true of my own experience
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