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Delia Torres RWS92A-9:00 Travis October 15, 2007 What Does Your Ad Really Mean? Rampage is a clothing line that has put out an as promoting their new Rampage Relief Fund . The head line reads “Philanthropist or Sex Kitten? Now you can be both”. It then goes on to talk about how if you buy their products a portion of the proceeds will go to this Rampage Relief Fund. According to the ad the money that goes to this relief fund, “is dedicated to financially supporting those who have suffered loss or hardship as a result of natural, economic or health related disasters.” There is an image of a woman who is dressed very well with leather boots on and expensive looking clothing sitting on a leather and wooden couch in a sexually inviting position. She has a smirk on her face with an exceptionally sexual glare as she looks at you, this is in reference to the headline, “Sex Kitten”. First of all, this ad is implying that if you buy products from their clothing line than you could be
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Unformatted text preview: a philanthropist as well as sexy. A philanthropist is someone who has a desire or love for all of humanity. That is an outrageous thing to imply. The ad does not say how much of the proceeds will be given to these people in need. As well it does not say who these people are or where are they from. The target audience is women in their twenties. I can tell this by looking at the image on the ad; it is of a woman in women’s clothing, as well as the words, “Sex Kitten”. Personally this ad does not have any effectiveness. I found it in a magazine and if I hadn’t been looking specifically for something like it, I would have passed it up. Additionally I didn’t know what a philanthropist was right off the back, I had to look it up. So, this word blown up in the middle of this ad was nothing but another word. I do have a feeling that this ad may work for young woman in their twenties who want or like to look sexy, based on what the woman in the ad is wearing....
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