teratogens - Erin LaVanway PSY 364-01(9:00-10:00...

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Erin LaVanway PSY 364-01 (9:00-10:00) Teratogenic Effects February 13, 2008 Teratogens are stimuli that result in abnormal development; these abnormal developments occur because the stimulus disrupts the fetal period (Martini, 2005). Many different drugs, antibiotics, and environmental agents are considered teratogens because of their effects on the fetus. Some of the most common teratogens are tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, syphilis, radiation, and aids. After doing some research the most common effects of teratogens are: Stillbirth Mental retardation Genetic disease Cancer Shortened or absent limbs Low birth weight Prematurity Microcephaly Emotional problems Abnormal facial features References
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Brent, R L (April 2004). Environmental causes of human congenital malformations: the pediatrician's role in dealing with these complex clinical problems caused by a multiplicity of environmental and genetic factors. Pediatrics , 113, 4. p.S957(12). Retrieved February 12,
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  • Winter '08
  • Nichols-whitehead
  • Mental retardation, Gale Virtual Reference, Teratology, General Reference Center, Reference Center Gold, Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders

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teratogens - Erin LaVanway PSY 364-01(9:00-10:00...

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