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Matt Niemiec SPIFO - LUST First off, with lust, it is a sin which feels good at the time, but afterwards brings much guilt upon the sinner. It is a sin that every human being (except for Christ) has encountered and must fight every day. I would agree with Guinness when he says that it “is the juiciest and most popular sin.” For me, I have always been taught that sex is a good thing inside of marriage, so I have always pictured sex within marriage as a good thing. However, the author makes it clear that many times in marriage, sex is taken for granted. Lust is not just something that people outside of marriage struggle with, but also something that married couples struggle with. The biggest aspect of lust is what people in our culture who are not married struggle with. It is the desire mentioned in Matthew that “He, who lusts after a woman with his eyes, commits adultery with her in his heart.” This verse demonstrates that for single men and women, simply looking at a woman with lustful intent are wrong and flat out sin. This is where pornography and
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