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Bradley Kendzora BA105W Wednesday, March 05, 2008 The following recording is message assignment M02 for Dennis Mohle's BA105W class for  Bradley Kendzora based on pages 96-97 of the text for email in the business world. There are a  wide range of things I can say about business email so I will focus on the pros and cons.  There are many pros, and the first pro I will focus on is the elimination of phone tag. Phone tag  occurs when you try to make a call to someone who is not available. This is frustrating for the  caller and the person who tries to contact you back. Email eliminates this. Another advantage of  email is it saves time for business professionals by allowing a person to send and receive email  when you want to. Email provides for rapid decision making as well.  Email is also very 
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Unformatted text preview: inexpensive in contrast to phone calls or regular mail, the only charge is for the internet service you already pay for. Email also provides traceable written record. Disadvantages of email include that it is very unsecure and non-confidential, about as private as dropping a postcard in the mailbox. Email also does not communicate emotions well. Words cannot portray emotions like body language and facial expressions can. The last disadvantage of email is it can be ignored altogether so you have no way to know whether the person received the message unless they respond. This is the conclusion of my podcast on email in the business world....
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