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Directness- Good News - their time was well spent I am also...

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Brad Kendzora 1301 E Quincy Ave Fresno, CA 93720 3/12/2008 Mr. Dennis Mohle Personnel Solutions Mr. Mohle Subject: Conflict Management Resolution Services I am the Vice President of Operations for Tourist Publications. My company is interested in the services provided by Personnel Solutions and we would like more information. First, let me explain the situation, so you will better be able to know if you can provide assistance. I currently run the day-to-day operations and new personnel problems have arisen that are creating daily headaches for me, as well as the other 16 employees. This is why we seek the assistance of your services. I would like to know what specific services your company offers for confliction resolution. My first question being do you offer training focusing on helping managers resolve conflict or do you include employee training as well? I would like all of my employees to be able to attend the training and feel that
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Unformatted text preview: their time was well spent. I am also curious to know what kind of strategies are used and how everyone can benefit. I also would like to know if the training would leave a lasting negative impression on my employees. My concern on this topic being that if I bring the topic up to the employees, will I be announcing the companies problems and creating further tension. Lastly, I am wondering the specific kind of training offered and the specific cost of each training. I also need to know when the training could be setup, the sooner, the better. I would like to get this started as soon as possible so it will best benefit the company and its employees. Thank you for your help, Bradley Kendzora Tourist Publications Vice President of Operations...
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