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Indirectness- Bad News

Indirectness- Bad News - projects no matter how useful they...

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Ryan Penne 1301 E Quincy Ave Fresno, CA 93720 3/26/2008 Ms. Stephanie Chang Subject: Career Center Text Messages Stephanie, I wanted to first thank you for your well written and thought out message. I appreciate the time, effort, and research you put into the idea of using text messages to reach students about open recruiter appointments here in the career center. You brought up many good points such as the indiscrete way to notify students and how filling in gaps would better serve the recruiters’ time. However, there are a few drawbacks I need to make clear. The main one is funding. The budget just does not have any room in it right now to undertake unnecessary
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Unformatted text preview: projects, no matter how useful they may be. Others include how we would offer the program to everyone, including students who don’t already have cell phones. Other concerns are how the faculty would react to such a program, as many of them already prohibit text messaging during class. All this considered, I am going to have to reject your suggestion at this time. However, once I am able to father research the concerns of the faculty and make funds available, I will reconsider your proposal and be glad to work with you on it. Thank you for your time, Ryan Penne Director of the Career Center...
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