modern biblical criticism

modern biblical criticism - The Bible written many...

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how it should be interpreted. Understanding and interpreting are two very difficult actions to perform while studying an aged text such as the bible. Ultimately, the different ways of interpreting the bible resulted in different branches of Christianity. What follow are some ways in which different minds saw the same text in different ways. Two hundred fifty years ago, authors started to do biblical research on the interpretations of the Bible. Out of this movement came the historical-critical method and its increasing application to the biblical material. The early use of historical criticism by rationalists and deists often involved the denial of the supernatural order and the scorn of the divine authority of the Bible (New Jerome). Because of this, historical criticism was seen as a threat to faith and was opposed by many in the churches. But there were some who saw that the “historical – critical study of the [Old Testament] became a tool that could assist the believer in hearing the word of God in the Bible” (New Jerome). Many Biblicists interested themselves in primitive religion on a purely comparative basis, registering similarities and differences. The true researcher, however, sought to trace the historical traditions of diverse peoples in order to show what distinctive use Israel had ultimately made of the influences exerted on it. According to New Jerome Biblical Commentary, the most balanced and significant biblical work in the field of the history of religion is H. Gunkel’s work, which investigated the folk mythology underlying the biblical presentation of the creation and of the end of the world disclosed that the biblical presentation may be derived from ancient Babylonian accounts of the same phenomena. But despite the acceptance of the historical method, as mentioned above, many supporters of the church found the reasoning hard to believe. Both Protestants and Catholics were affronted by the assertion that supernaturalism is flawed. Also, the implication that Israel’s religious development had been
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modern biblical criticism - The Bible written many...

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