Cell Review - 1 Applied science Food water medicing biotech...

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1. Applied science – Food, water, medicing, biotech Basic Science – molecular biology, biochemistry, taxonomy 2. Microbiology was developed because spontaneous generation was proven false, which allowed scientists to discover new organisms and microorganisms. 3. Leuenhoek described microscopic life in tooth scrapings Pasteur developed swan necked flasks and pasteurization Tyndall found proof of heat resistant bacteria Lister developed sterilization techniques Koch had postulates to classify a disease w/ a cause 4. Agar was developed from koch’s postulate which allowed bacteria to be grown and isolated from the body. 5. – microorganism must be present in every case of disease, absent in health - the suspected microorganism must be isolated in grown in a pure culture - the same disease must result when the organism is inoculated into healthy host - the organism must be isolated from the diseased host - the isolate should match the original 6. Organism are involved in disease, agriculture and biotech 7. Pasteur filtered air with gun cotton, proved organisms were in air, this prevented meat from getting spoiled. Also developed swan necked flasks for wine. 8. Endospores are heat resistant and can survive in unlivable conditions. 9. Koch isolated the organism that caused tuberculosis. 10. Pg 12 11. Prokaryotic – bacteria fungi Eukaryotic – humans 12. Gram stain – crystal violet, wash, grams iodine, alcohol, safranin, wash This procedure will determine the cellular structure of an organism 13. Cell wall gives bacteria shape and protection Cell (plasma) membrane is selectively permeable, metabolic processes Ribosomes – protein synthesis Inclusion bodies – storage vacuoles Flagellum – movement Nucleoid – localization of the genetic material 14.
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Cell Review - 1 Applied science Food water medicing biotech...

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