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20th Century - Gierek

20th Century - Gierek - Michael Rauch 000762014 T,TH 2:45...

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Michael Rauch 000762014 T,TH 2:45 Edward Gierek Edward Gierek was one of the most successful leaders in Polish history. He was able to help Polish workers in Belgium organize a branch of resistance and even created a seperate Polish contingent in the Belgian Communist Party. He was also able to help workers back in Poland gain rights during the late 40s which led to him gain more power in the Polish government. He would continue to help out the country economically throughout his political career and was able to put an end to an early 1970’s price inflation helped by forming a good relationship with the Soviet Union. Since that time, helping the economy in Poland would be Gierek’s main focus. Edward Gierek was born on January 6, 1913 in Porabka, a suburb of Katowice, Poland. He was the son of a coal miner. After his father died in a mining accident, Edward quit school to become a coal miner in France where his family had moved to. Soon after, Gierek got active in the French trade union movement. In 1931, he joined the French Communist party and was arrested in 1934 for helping to organize the first sit-down strike in French history. He was deported back to Poland and soon after left for Belgium where he worked as a miner and joined the Belgian Communist Party. It was during this time in Belgium that Gierek was able to accomplish many positive things for the people of the country in the area of worker’s rights. Gierek had become a full time official in the Belgian
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