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Comm 10 Lecture 6B February 14, 2008 Comm Paper: Graded on how well you make the argument Develop your argument into a thesis statement (typically one sentence or two) Go out in the world and observe communication Observation and analysis paper Offer substantiating examples Don’t offer hypothetical situations, make your examples concrete Don’t need to use classroom concepts (you can use it if it helps you make your argument) Ambitious and complex arguments are better than simple arguments Books continued Important facets of the contemporary book industry Relationship of books and television . o TV is very important in the sales of books because it has the biggest audience in the mass media o E.g. If you’re on the Today show or on Oprah’s Book Club, your sales will be widely increased Where do we buy books? o In older times: independent book stores owned by families o Chain book stores emerged in the 1970s: which increasingly took business away from the independent book stores o Many other diverse places to buy them: Grocery stores, hardware stores, wine shops Big discount stores like Wal-Mart or Costco Internet provides cheap, speedy and convenient books. It is particularly good for small presses or obscure objects. Sale of used books fastest growing segment of the book industry
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Comm 10 Lecture 6B February 14, 2008 Bigger Companies: the change in the organizational structure of the book industry has been associated with many concerns about the book industry including: o Loss of diversity of types of books o Decline in quality of books o Fear on risk and innovation in the publishing The money aspect reduces their risk taking with new authors who might not sell a lot of copies the first time Countertrend to big book businesses: o It is relatively easy to get into the publishing industry because it’s fairly inexpensive to start o The number of independent publishing companies is over 50,000 and growing and the small are continuing to multiply Harry Potter Phenomenon: a positive impact on the book industry o Led to a dramatic increase of children’s book sales in general o Reading is cool again, yay! The Influence of the Internet o Books appearing on the internet which you can read on the screen or download it and print it out has allowed people who haven’t been able to publish use it or authors who have been published like Stephen King who published his shorter novellas only online o Google is planning a vast online library They’re digitalizing research books o Project Gutenberg or other various libraries do this as well E-book: devices which have many books allow you to mark your place, write in the margins o Great for books for school o Didn’t have much success right off hand
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Lecture6B - Comm 10 Lecture 6B February 14, 2008 Comm...

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