French Revolution

French Revolution - French Revolution 1st Revolution May...

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French Revolution 1 st Revolution – May 1789 – September 1792 2 nd Revolution – September 1792 – July 1794 Estates General – a French legislative body comprising members of the three groups, or estates, of French society: nobility, clergy, and commoners. National Assembly – middle class lawyers and merchants who declared themselves the majority and therefore gained power. 2 types of nobles: 1. nobles of the race – those who could trace descendents to conquerors of the Roman empire. 2. nobles of the robe – created by monarchy – bougoursie appointed to aristocracy; used to off-set the power of the nobles, often held positions as judges in Parliamants. Tennis Court Oath – 3 rd estate deputies congregated in the king's nearby indoor tennis court, where they took a solemn collective oath "never to separate, and to meet wherever circumstances demand, until the constitution of the kingdom is established and affirmed on solid foundations". Jacques Necker – Minister of Finance to Louis the 16 th . In 1786, asks assembly of aristocrats if they’ll accept new taxation. They say no, Necker quits. Storming of the Bastille – July 14 th , 1789 – crowds from poorer sections of Paris take over the Bastille prison, killing 83. The commander then surrendered the Bastille to the masses. This was the first great turning point in the revolution. Right of Man and Citizen – fundamental document of French Revolution; defines a set of individual rights and collective rights of all of the estates as one. Influenced by the doctrine of natural rights, these rights are universal: they are supposed to be valid in all times and places, pertaining to human nature itself. “political party” beginnings. Jacobins –
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French Revolution - French Revolution 1st Revolution May...

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