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Justin Smith The Conquest of New Spain 1. When the Spanish first arrived, the Aztec civilization was astounded by splendor and wealth. The buildings were impressive in stature, and the city had many people with different livelihoods, they used a sophisticated system of irrigation, and they had much advancement in art, science, and agriculture. 2. He mixed bad science and religion because he believed that he was appointed by God to rescue Christianity before the Apocalypse, and he mixed bad science because he underestimated the Earth’s circumference by about 25%. 3. Colombus came to the Americas by accident in search for China, as he wanted to see its fabled empire. His career ended in disgrace because after being confined to Spain for hanging local inhabitants, on his fourth voyage, he was shipwrecked and banned by the crown from settlements of Hispanola, he was greedy and unsuccessful. 4.
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