Lecture10B - Communications 10 Lecture 10B Advertising More...

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Communications 10 Lecture 10B March 13, 2008 Advertising More money is spent on advertising than sometimes it takes to produce the show itself Advertising is highly effective (Ex. Lucky Strike cigarettes, Meow Mix cat food) Magazines are specialized and give advertisers narrowly defined audiences (Ex. Fly fishing equipment in a fly fishing magazine) Newspapers : backbone of retail advertising o Used by local businesses seeking general audiences (Ex. Department store) o Attract a varied audience TV - Cable television channels can also be very specialized o Structured to deliver audiences to advertisers o 18-49 year old demographic, prefer to get you before you establish a particular brand loyalty because it’s difficult to switch o Target the young like the movie studios, fast food, soft drinks o Older means you’re more likely to live alone but advertisers prefer that you have a family because you’re buying for more people o Ideal viewer: 35 year old woman with a family and lives in a fashionable lifestyle with an expendable income o Advertisers have been focusing more on the older generation than they have in the past because of the baby boomer generation change who are more likely to travel or dine out, etc, has more money, and is less loyal to certain brands o Spot advertising with a scatter plan : scatter it over a dozen different shows into different networks, most spots are 30 seconds but it has been varied to be shorter or broken up with other commercials in between o Sponsored Ads (older form of advertising that isn’t presently used): one advertiser buys all the ads in the entire show Stopped being used because it cost too much money without much
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Lecture10B - Communications 10 Lecture 10B Advertising More...

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