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Frito Lay Guest Speaker - Al Carey: president and CEO o Al.carey@fritolay.com - “Inspire well-being” o leadership should INSPIRE - “reconstructing culture” - perceived as junk food company; top-down company o want to change this - division of pepsi co - 12 billion in males - “performance with purpose” o products: human sustainability; healthy snacking; 18% product line sun chips selling extremely well multigrain* in Canada 20% looking to improve every single product (SKU) improve the core healthfulness of every brand use good fats, add calcium, portion control, add whole grains and fiber, reduce salt o a lot of change in manufacturing costs don’t want to be a junk food company anymore want to improve advertising/communication between fritolay and consumers
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Unformatted text preview: i.e. the healthy attributes of fritolay vs. perceived unhealthy attributes o planet: environmental sustainability; conserve and preserve reducing resources needed in manufacturing, processing, shipping, etc. o people: talent sustainability; inspire greatness invert hierarchy: customers first; not CEO on top implications of servant leadership set strategy and clearly/simply communicate it keep team on track remove obstacles get out of the way, let them do their jobs recognize great performance o partners: best service by 2010: 168MM jobs, 158 workers, 10 shortage make jobs less retail oriented to appeal to workers demand outnumbers supply-55% grocery stores; 30% convenience;...
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