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1 Test #3A BIOL2604 General Microbiology, CRN90835 11/08/07 Name (printed):__________________________Student #:____________ Total value of the test is 103 points. But will be graded on a 100 point scale. Three points will be deducted if the name and SID numbers are not accurately completed for both the test and scantron. Each multiple-choice question is worth 3 points.True/False questions are worth 2 points. Complete checklist before turning in test: _____Answer questions (1-29) on the scantron form. _____Include your name and student number on this sheet, and the scantron. _____Indicate on the scantron that you are taking test Form A . _____ Sign here to affirm that you have neither given nor received help on this test:______________________________ The University Honor Code is in effect. 1. Which method of controlling bacterial growth is only effective for surface decontamination? a. gaseous sterilants b. ionizing radiation c. steam heat d. UV radiation 2. Which is true concerning the disk-diffusion assays to determine antibiotic efficacy? a. The antibiotic forms a concentration gradient in the medium. b. The amount of antibiotic needed is calculated as the minimum inhibitory concentration. c. The amount of antibiotic needed is calculated as the decimal reduction dose. d. The size of the zone is inversely proportional to the sensitivity of the bacterial strain. 3. The processes of transcription and translation can be simultaneous processes on a single mRNA molecule in a. eukaryotic cells. b. prokaryotic cells. c. both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. d. neither eukaryotic nor prokaryotic cells. 4. What occurs when an inducer is added to a medium containing an organism with a metabolic pathway controlled by a repressor? a.
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Test3A-2604-F07-key - Test #3A BIOL2604 General...

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