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11 April 2008 – Interests and Interactions: Applying Game theory to international relations Interests and Interactions o In international politics, the interest of actors and the structure of interactions that combines to produce behavior (what states do: cooperate, arms race, war, peace- keeping missions, trade wars etc.) o Give the same structure of interaction, if interests change, behavior will change o Give the same interests, if the structure of interaction changes, behavior will often change Solving game theory o Best Response: given someone else’s choice, what is the other person’s best response (given Romeo chooses Sushi, what is Juliet’s best response?); this deals with pure choices = sample coordination problem o Anything that is a mutual best response is called an equilibrium Interests o An individual, actors, interests are how they value the choices available to them o In the example above, I assume that Romeo and Juliet have an interest in spending time together
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Unformatted text preview: • Game Theory terms / concepts o The equilibrium of a game is the behavior we expect to see. However if there are multiple equilibriums, then the predictions are less clear o The strongest form of equilibrium in when each player has a dominant strategy (the single choice they’re going to pick regardless of the other) o Interactions with the same structure of interaction and preference ordering have the same equilibrium • Structure of interaction o Interests along do not determine outcomes; interactions matter as well o In the preceding analysis, we have assumed many things Players move simultaneously or without knowing how the other players move Players play each game once Each play has two discrete choices • Battle of the Sexes Pt 2 o Imagine Juliet decides first, and both Romeo and Juliet know that Juliet decides first and that Romeo sees where Juliet goes o If you go in sequential order, then it’s easier to avoid coordination problems...
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section - • Game Theory terms concepts o The equilibrium...

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