Test4A-2604-F07-key - 1 Test #4A BIOL2604 General...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Test #4A BIOL2604 General Microbiology, CRN60200 NAME:_______________ Student #______________ Name (printed):__________________________Student #:____________ Total value of the test is 100 points. Each multiple-choice question is worth 3 points. Fill-in-the-blank and True/False are each worth 2 points. Complete checklist before turning in test: _____Answer questions (1-32) on the scantron form. _____Include your name and student number on this sheet, and the scantron. _____Indicate on the scantron that you are taking test Form A . _____ Sign here to affirm that you have neither given nor received help on this test:______________________________ The University Honor Code is in effect. Multiple Choice (3 points each): 1. Which statement regarding members of the normal human microflora is false ? a. They are incapable of causing disease. b. They can alter conditions of the local environment (e.g., pH or oxygen concentration) to prevent growth of pathogens. c. They can help with metabolism to provide nutrients to the host. d. They can produce anti-microbial products that inhibit pathogen growth. 2. The A-subunit of A-B toxins is a. composed of Lipid A. b. composed of Protein A. c. the active portion of the toxin. d. involved in adherence to target cells. 3. Which of the following statements best describes opportunistic organisms? a. These organisms are consistently found in association with humans and may have various symbiotic relationships with their host. b. These organisms are almost always associated with disease in infected humans. c. These organisms, though normally not pathogens, may cause disease in a compromised host. d. These organisms are no longer pathogenic due to a heritable loss of their virulence determinants....
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This note was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course BIOL 2604 taught by Professor Sldaniel during the Fall '08 term at Virginia Tech.

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Test4A-2604-F07-key - 1 Test #4A BIOL2604 General...

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