Bio 113 Review - 113 Review Exam 1 McDaniel 1 List the...

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113 Review Exam 1 McDaniel 1. List the characteristics of life. Oxygen or gas exchange, water, ability to reproduce, response to environment (adaptation/evolution), requirement for nutrition (metabolism)/(energy exchange), growth, ability to die, has cells. Define the terms associated with characteristics: - homeostasis: response is generated to ensure that the organism maintains itself (after receptor). - receptors: detecting change in environment. - metabolism: This process of obtaining and using energy. - binomial/scientific name: The Genus and species names of an organism make up its scientific name or its binomial.The binomial is written a certain way: It is Latinized. The Genus is always capitalized. The species is always lower case. The whole name is either underline or italicized. - taxonomy: the science dealing with the description, identification, naming, and classification of organisms. 2. Describe the levels of organization of living things. See number 8. 3. Define: cell: the basic functional unit of living things ; tissues: When a group of cells and their surrounding substances combine to carry out a common function ; organ: A combination of tissue functioning together in a common task; organ system: When several organs work together or interact to achieve a common task; multicellular organism: A group of cells, tissues, organs and organ systems that form an organism; population: A group of one type of individuals (one species) occupying a given area;
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Bio 113 Review - 113 Review Exam 1 McDaniel 1 List the...

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