Stat HW#1 - Part A 1 My experience in statistics is very limited I had taken an intro level statistics class a few years back but I can not

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Part A.) 1) My experience in statistics is very limited. I had taken an intro level statistics class a few years back, but I can not honestly say I remember any of it. I took the statistics class because it was part of my major before I switched to engineering. I do remember it being interesting as well as fairly easy. I hope that I feel the same way about this course upon completion. I can also say that I have had minor experience in doing statistics for sporting events. When I was younger I would help “keep the books” with one of my friends for intramural basketball. It was fun at times, but more boring than anything. 2) I am taking this course only because it is a requirement for my major. I probably would not have even known that this particular section of statistics existed if it had not been required; it is not that I am not interested in this course, but rather I already have so much on my plate that it would have simply been overlooked. I think that this course is required because it helps us learn to gather data and model it
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