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Unformatted text preview:i l 1 g i l l l Group Members Name Kl: l Section Function Activity l. Domain Domain: the set of all real numbers for which the function represents a real number. 1. Describe what domain is in your own words: yzurl eg 2. What are the two types of functions (so far) that we have worked with in this class that have a restricted domain? What is the restriction for each? $5;le mot jam/min"qu W Wit/ma WWW" Whom Cd Rm ch pm a 0ch omit/MW 7t 0 we 3. individually, write up two domain problems (determine qunctions to find the domain of) on a separate sheet of paper that you think will help you and your classmates to prepare for the first exam. Also write the functions below. \i M83 4. Determine the domain of each of the functions that you came up with and the two functions that you received from someone else. Use the space below and the back of this sheet for your work. Box your answers. \i am e5 ll. The Difference Quotient 1. Look at the formula for the difference quotient: , h ¢ 0 . What is another name ' f(x+h)-f(x) h for what this expression will represent? Briefly explain. (Bonus 1 point if you can come up with 2 names and eXplanations.) g . . _ .7th WM g l Mama/o rate (if ' 2. Practice below. Find and simplify the difference quotient for each function given. Box your answers. a. g(x) = 3x2 — 2 3 CK fix) :: 'Eb'vrh> 2 "2M :— ay} J< Mn «am I 2 3 B'QJrlo'pdn'f Tfihl/Z mini» m W Qfiirma +6W/2 «- @fi/rfl 3% ' """ in c k(x)=—— ' x+1 I A A I '- * C~ > WK LCD ', me+0 hm) KW) 2' - .' — _ K (WM \kggg . yaw?) L \' KMVQISLSQ" WM W m) 'vx " 'm ME W X finfl :— ( WAG 1' D (Em/H) (th +0( )4 +1,pr ' _ _ ' ML- - + y #4-?) f/t w '(%+h%\7(~arh) "h V («Hm/QC yer/£03 'n W'Mi ' g h mm» 91%;: m1: aha a 63ng W2: A Mg: v M a? 6?: {33" 2;. 65%" *2») w (Egg; EA w fl 2% Ldm firm-5L) b. My '