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STAT 3704 hw 2 - a) Texture of cake b) Amt of flour, Amt of...

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STAT 3704 Homework #2 1.6) a) Tread life of radial tires b) Brand of tire (categorical) c) Tread wear = 2, miles driven = 2, brand = 2 d) Tread wear – Brand 1, miles driven – Brand 1, brand - 1 Tread wear-- Brand 2, miles driven - Brand 2, brand – 2 e) Ex – radial tire, Obs. - radial tire f) Test the tires on random cars 1.15)
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Unformatted text preview: a) Texture of cake b) Amt of flour, Amt of egg powder, Amt of oil added, Temperature of oven (continuous) c) Amt of flour (low or high), Amt of egg powder (low or high), Amt of oil added (low or high), Temperature of oven (375 and 400 ) e) No f) Exp oven, Obs. oven g) Exp cake, Obs. cake 2.8)...
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