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Tecnhiques and Method 1. Separation Techiques Extraction - liquid-liquid extraction (mojo) - Continuous Extraction (soxhlet) - Column (solid) extraction - Supercritica l fluid Extraction Distillation - Direct distillation (alcohol) - Steam Distillation (Kjeldahl) - Vacuum Distillation Precipitation - Fiber precipitation (78% ethanol) - Protein (ZnSO4) - DNA precipitation (78% alcohol, isopropyl) Crystallization - NaCl - Purificati on of compounds Drying - oven drying - desiccator - Drying agents for liquid samples (Sodium Sulfate) - Freeze drying Digestion
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Unformatted text preview: a. Acid digestion-Kjeldahl-Fe analysis-Carb analysis-Babcock assay-Mineral analysis b. Enzymatic digestion-fiber analysis (α-amylase, amyloglucosidase, Proteinase K)-DNA/RNA analysis (DNAse, RNAse) 2. Common methods Gravimetric Method-moisture-ash-total solids-total fat-fiber Titration-acid-base-sodium-protein Spectroscopy a. Absorption Spectroscopy-Spectrophotometer (UV-visible) -AAS b. Emission Spectroscopy-Fluorescence spectroscopy-Atomic emission spectrocopy...
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