Linguistics quiz key1

linguistics quiz key1
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Unformatted text preview: Your name: __________________________________ (please print) January 17, 2007 Linguistics 50--QUIZ 1 [48+20+32=100 points] A. [48 points] Define the consonant sounds in the middle of each of the following words as indicated in the example: Voiced or voiceless voiced Place of articulation alveolar Manner of articulation Stop adder father singing robber ether voiced voiced voiced voiceless dental velar bilabial dental palato-alveolar bilabial alveolar alveolar fricative nasal (stop) stop fricative fricative stop lateral (approximant) nasal (stop) pleasure voiced hopper selling sunny voiceless voiced voiced B. [20 points] Give the IPA symbols for the VOICED counterparts of the following: [s] [f] [k] [ D] [z] [Z] [v] C. [32 points] Make a correct IPA transcription of the following words. There is only one error per word, it may be among the vowels, the consonants, or the marks for primary stress. traffic simplistic irrigate avoid appreciate [trfc] [smplstk] [rret] [vd] [preiet] should be [trfk] [smplstk] [ret] [vd] [priSieIt] ...
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