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linguistics quiz key1
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Your name: __________________________________ January 17, 2007 (please print) Linguistics 50—QUIZ 1 [48+20+32=100 points] A. [48 points] Define the consonant sounds in the middle of each of the following words as indicated in the example: Voiced or voiceless Place of articulation Manner of articulation a dd er voiced alveolar Stop fa th er voiced dental fricative si ng ing voiced velar nasal (stop) ro bb er voiced bilabial stop e th er voiceless dental fricative plea s ure voiced palato-alveolar fricative ho pp er voiceless bilabial stop se ll ing voiced alveolar lateral (approximant) su nn y voiced alveolar nasal (stop) B. [20 points] Give the IPA symbols for the VOICED counterparts of the following:
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Unformatted text preview: [ ] [ s ] [ ] [ f ] [k] [ D ] [ z ] [ Z ] [ v ] [ ] C. [32 points] Make a correct IPA transcription of the following words. There is only one error per word, it may be among the vowels, the consonants, or the marks for primary stress. traffic [ træf c ] should be [ træf k] simplistic [ s mpl st k ] [ s m pl st k ] irrigate [ rr e t ] [ r e t ] avoid [ æ v d ] [ v d ] appreciate [ pre i e t ] [ priSieIt ]...
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