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Unformatted text preview: LJ 304 CHAPTERS 13 & 14 EXAM Kanji Recognition: J J n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n eM X T YX TYX F n n n n n TYX n Introduction Colleague Driver Laugh Opposite Repair To complete Honorific form Practice Nagano One's best effort To live Actor Particle(s) Complex TY X n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n 1 Proper form At that time Unskilled Blackboard To copy Poem To invite To respond Broken (Japanese) To invite To encourage n ,R n n n n n n n n n ,R ,R n n n ,R ,R F ,R F ,R n n Feelings; emotion Ashamed/Humiliated Strong Beginning Celebration Rare Elementary school Textbook Difficulty to understand Interest Owner n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n ,R n ,R n n n n n n ,R n n 2 One's wife Daytime Husband and wife Document Taking turns To hire Top class Planning Self To continue Transfer (to another office) To be advanced To treat Parents To have one's own way Lonely Regular position n n n n n n Machine To agonize Who F n n n n n n n n F n n n n n n n n n n F n n F n F n n n n F n F n F n n n n Childbirth To give birth to Investigation; examination Advancement To take root Maternity leave To reply (written expression) Unmarried person Two point increase To lose System Negative Analyze 2% Syndrome Kanagawa Prefecture Married person Age group To account for Two point decrease Wish; desire Burden 3 Triple affliction n n Society; world n n To work ,R ,R F Husband & wife both working n n Suffering n n Husband n n Hardship; suffering n n Effort n n Strength 4 Unfair n ,S V F Income n To be to one's disadvantage n n To expect n n To adapt to n n One's partner n ,S V Holding two jobs at once n n Burden n n Holding a lower position 5 To endure n ?X Superhumanly n n To respect n n Approval n n Family register n ? X F Living together defacto n n To break up n n Individual Vocabulary: Chapter 13 Kaiwa J 6 Past To state n n n n n n h F h F n n n n n n h n n n n n n n n n n n n n n 7 n h h F n n n n h n n n n h F n n n n n h n n Funny Reason; explanation Pronunciation Considerably (G) It must be (G) This side of... To be modest After all To decide to In those days Extremely (written exp.) Most of Woman Truly Carefree One sentence Significant Improvement; progress To notice Tang Dynasty One day Self-study Unfamiliar In those days Fixed-price lunch/dinner To come by (a meal) To agree to; accept Around (someone) Finally; at last Summer cottage n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n To idle away one's time Usual Anti-Japanese sentiment Average; ordinary Already All of a sudden Well... Content Age Reader; reading book Moral education A little Much; considerably Itself Together with As far as ___ is concerned Other To give up To understand S n n n n n n n F 8 n n n Opinion Calm Unfair; cruel Within the domain of ~ To keep (a person) company Serving tea Making copies Group chief Frantically; desperately n n n n n n n n T F n n n n n n n n n n T F n n T n n T F T F T F 9 TF T F T F n n n n T F n n n T F n T n n T n n T F n n Naturally To become infuriated Nobody A big quarrel A group of ppl with same iken Unmarried To announce Concerning... S1 but on the other hand S2 To introduce To increase Percentage To rise to Likewise...aforementioned To rise Delay Educational expenses Age; period Industry; business Toward To end; finish To rise To manage all by oneself Wife = only does housework Some women Care in one's home life To have to... Comparable to... Being like a superman n n n n n n n n n n 4p F 4p 4p F n n n To fight To adapt to To carry on one's back To remove; get rid of To combine So-called To reject Name entered family reg. Way of life Freedom To say this and that... n n Chapter 1. Tp = Considerably; to a great extent i. ~ q Q r ; D p F 1. It seems that the dormitory food is really bad. 2. Tp F a. OE _ F = It must be~ k r; _ r; i. Japanese must be easy for Koreans to learn. 3. Tp F a. _ = Indeed; as may be expected r; q - q i. Since he has lived in Japan for ten years, he speaks excellent Japanese indeed. 4. Tp a. = Although~ i. Although he is Japanese... 5. n = On one hand; on the other hand k r ; _ r; 10 a. OE _ F i. The number of working women is increasing every year, but, on the other hand... 6. ^ T W F a. p Q r; i. I go to the gym almost every day. 7. ^ T W a. t = At most & D-R - q ( = Almost every day i. Japanese white collar workers, when they take vacations, take at most four, five days. 8. ~n = Although g F OE a. ~ q Q r ; i. Although Japan is a small island country, it is an economic superpower. 9. g a. _ = For; considering r; q - i. Caroline speaks good Japanese for an American. 10. g F a. _ = Even so r; q - q i. I had expected them to be cute, but even so, I was surprised by how cute they were. 11. n = As long as~ g F a. ~ q Q r ; i. I intend to do whatever I can. 12. g = On the contrary k r ; _ r; a. OE _ F i. I washed a white sweater, and now it looks dirtier than before. n 1. a. p Q r; i. Children have their own lives to live. 2. a. q = N does things in its own way - q s F s F 11 M r ; o = N has its own~ i. Both America and Japan have their respective good points, so we can't say one is better than the other. 3. ~ u S a. = Although... p Q r ; i. He does not tell me although he knows about it. b. X g F i. Gee, aren't you a man?! Sissy... 4. ~X g F a. _ = For such and such a reason r; q - i. Many Japanese women quit companies for the reason of marriage. 5. ~n = looks/appears like something...and can carry a negative connotation. = looks childish = looks cheap = Concerning~ - q t &D - a. X g b. X g 6. ~ u S a. i. These days, if you don't have knowledge about computers, you fall behind the times. 7. ~ u S F a. ~ q Q r ; = Together with; two changes proceed simultaneously. u S F OE i. Kyoto, together with Nara, is an old Japanese city. b. p Q r; i. Language changes with time. 8. a. ~ q Q r ; = To leave/entrust X to Y u S F OE _ i. It's better not to leave important things to others. 9. ~ u S a. ~ q Q r ; = Every time X happens, Y also happens. u S F OE_ i. I don't like to be told the same story every time I see him. 10. a. OE _ F = IP S ~ someone would do something; I hope someone does something wish k rԷ ; _ r; 12 i. I wish men would change with the times. OE _ F k r; _ r n nn 13 1. n 2. n 3. g F 4. n 5. n 6. n 7. g F 8. n 9. g F 13 ...
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