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Unformatted text preview: To invite Baseball Game Together Celebration Regrettable Section chief 8 * To invite To be sudden 8 * To talk about... One's own wife Arm 8 * w/out hesitation 8 8 * To int rude Movie director Stay up all night t t t t t t t t t t t VW wH Definitely To pitch To look for Receptionist Teacher Business person t Vw H W Little; short time t t Person in charge t t t w H V W H V w t t w H V W Target Detailed After Quick & Simple Private tutor t t t t t t t t t t t L t t t t L h,, Housewife Relatives Translation Bulletin board Person deal w/ Special talent Magazine Editing To lose no time.. t t To hire t t t t t L W Thriving And others To visit faraway.. t t First half To visit t t t t t 7 t 7 t t t t t `P To gather To compete To lose To pitch Several people Pacific War To die in battle t t t t 7 t t 7 Championship Entire nation Prefecture Representativ e t 7 W Baseball stadium t t Big tournament To cheer t t t t t ] t ] W t t Competition Spectators West Traditional Sumo t t t t t ] W ] ȷ ] W Continent Adrift in ocean Drift ashore To be impressed t t ~ t t t t t t W ] t t t Ancestors Legend Toward ~ Longing To hold Nat. isolation To allow t t t |޸ W | Determined to Whaling vessel t t t t t t t t t t Crew member Method Fortunately Direction To head toward t | Captain of ship t t t t t W | t t Land To land on Shogunate To be surprised t t Abroad To decide t t t t t t t M H MH MH t t t t To appear Shipwrecked Interpreter To learn The next... Warship Throughout life t t t HM W Niece Die from illness t t Language study t t t t t t Genius Edo Bay To return Treaty t t t ^ E t t Negotiation Splendidly To be useful ...
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