Fall05midterm_key - 1A/4B. (1 point for each correct...

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Unformatted text preview: 1A/4B. (1 point for each correct answer) Characteristic Amino Acid #1 Amino Acid #2 Negatively charged R group Glu, Asp Aromatic Phe, Tyr, Trp Contain sulfur Met, Cys Contain OH group Ser, Thr 2A/5B. This problem was deleted 3A/6B a) (1 point for each correct answer) Name of amino acid One letter code # 1 Alanine A # 2 Glycine G # 3 Phenylalanine F # 4 Valine V # 5 Glycine G b) (3 points) zero none of the side chains have any charge and the positively charged N terminus and negatively charged C terminus cancel each other out for a zero net charge. c) (2 points) NONE d) (4 points) (2 points) in the core of the protein (2 points) because they are all hydrophobic 4A/1B. (2 points each) YES NO Lys to Glu x Arg to Asp x Val to Leu x Gln to Asn x Ala to Thr x 5. The following sentences may be TRUE or FALSE. If they are TRUE, then just write TRUE. IF they are FALSE, then CORRECT the sentence by replacing or crossing out a word or two. (3 points each) a. Hydrogen bonding occurs between NH and C=O groups in an helix TRUE b. The R groups face OUTWARDS in an helix c. The main chain of a protein is HYDROPHILIC . d. Several Lys residues in a row would help DE stabilize an helix e. GLU at the N-terminal end of an helix would help stabilize it. TRUE f. In a helical wheel, amino acids are plotted every 100 DEGREES around a circle g. In a sheet, all of the R groups protrude on OPPOSITE sides of the sheet h. A turn often connects 2 adjacent antiparallel strands TRUE i. Weak interactions that help to stabilize protein structures include (DELETE DISULFIDE BONDS) hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic interactions. j. If repeated, the sequence Gly-X-Pro will form a COLLAGEN coiled coil k. A hair permanent involves the reduction and oxidation of SH groups that link HELICES together....
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Fall05midterm_key - 1A/4B. (1 point for each correct...

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