(f) FA desaturation

(f) FA desaturation - predict the location of double bonds...

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(f) Fatty Acid Elongation AND DESATURATION The reaction steps needed to convert palmitoyl CoA (C-16) stearyl CoA (C-18) oleyl CoA (C-18). Know the location of these reactions in the cell (cytosol). Know how to predict the location of double bonds from the standard formula for a fatty acid [e.g., arachidonate 20:4 (∆ 5,8,11,14 )]. ( handout 28 ) * We don’t need to know the detailed mechanism of FA desaturation. FATTY ACID NOMENCLATURE: NO, you don’t need to memorize all of this. I just wanted to consolidate all this info into one table. It may help you understand “how to
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Unformatted text preview: predict the location of double bonds from the formula of a fatty acid.” Fatty acid Fatty acid + acetyl CoA # of Carbons Formula Position of last C=C, relative to omega-carbon palmitic palmitoyl CoA 16 16:0 stearic stearyl CoA 18 18:0 oleic oleyl CoA 18 18:1 (∆ 9 ) linoleic 18 18:2 (∆ 9,12 ) ω – 6 α-linolenic 18 18:3 (∆ 9,12,15 ) ω – 3 arachidonate 20 20:4 (∆ 5,8,11,14 ) ω – 6...
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