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BIBC 103 KEY Section D Midterm Exam 2 (150 pts.) Lab Section___________ 1) (20 pts.) Sketch a diagram of an IgG class immunoglobulin protein molecule. Show each individual polypeptide chain, and indicate how they are held together. Also, indicate the constant region and the variable region of the antibody. There are 4 polypeptide chains per Ig molecule, 2 heavy chains and 2 light chains. These polypeptides are held together by disulfide bridges, as shown on the diagram. s s s s s s constant region variable region 2) (10 pts.) For the following statements regarding the ELISA detection of cortisol levels that you performed in lab, tell whether each statement is true or false. The peroxidase enzyme used to produce the colored signal is covalently linked to the antibody against cortisol. _ F ___ Cortisol is too small to produce an immune response on its own, so the antibody against cortisol used in your assay was raised by immunizing an animal with cortisol covalently linked to a foreign protein. __ T ___ Lower cortisol concentrations in your saliva samples produced more color (more absorbance at 450 nm) than samples with higher cortisol concentrations. __ T ___ ELISA stands for Enzyme linked immuno- soluble assay. __ F __
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3) (10 pts.) During fertilization of the sea urchin egg, what is the second messenger that is released into the cytoplasm upon sperm binding that triggers exocytosis of the cortical granules? Calcium (Ca
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Section%20D%20Midterm%202%20Key - BIBC 103 Section D...

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