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BIBC 103 KEY Section B Midterm Exam 2 (150 pts.) Lab Section___________ 1) (12 pts.) For each statement given below, indicate whether it is true for monoclonal antibodies (M), polyclonal antibodies (P), or both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies (M and P). Contains a constant region, and a variable region M and P For an antibody raised against a specific antigen, it can bind to multiple epitopes of the antigen P Is not purified directly from serum of the immunized animal, but is collected from the cell culture supernatant of hybridoma cell lines M For a batch of antibody against a single antigen, it contains only a single type of identical Ig molecule M Consists of 4 individual polypeptide chains held together by disulfide bridges M and P You would use this antibody if you wanted a high degree of specificity and wanted to minimize binding to background or non-specific proteins M 2) (10 pts.) During the color production step in our cortisol ELISA experiment, why is it necessary that H 2 O 2 is included in the substrate solution that is added to the wells? (3 sentences or less) The color developing agent is P7 peroxidase, attached to the labeled cortisol. H 2 O 2 is a substrate of peroxidase, and is required for the oxidation reaction (of TMB to its colored form) to proceed. 3) (15 pts.) In the ELISA for cortisol, why does a lower cortisol concentration in a sample correspond to more color being produced in that well? In your answer, explain which component of the assay has the color-producing agent. Each well contains equivalent amounts of peroxidase-labeled cortisol
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Section%20B%20Midterm%202%20key - BIBC 103 Section B...

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