Final - Final Replica Plating = copying Petri dish bacteria...

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Final Replica Plating = copying Petri dish bacteria colonies with a velvet plater printing press to test genotypes 1) Conjugation (conjugate mating) = need physical contact of Hfr bacterial cells to F - by pili to transfer genetic information after F factor complete and permanent integration and copy into the F + bacterial chromosome (single strand movement) 2) Sexduction = physical contact with pili, but Hfr bacteria transfers genetic information by an excised F’ Factor plasmid containing an erroneous piece of bacteria chromosome DNA with high fidelity 3) Transduction = transferring genetic material from one bacterial to another via a virus that does not destroy the bacteria (general = no phage, but only bacterial chromosome transient, abortive DNA; specialized = Hft virus that always recombines at a certain spot and picks up the same gene to transfer to another bacteria) 4) Transformation = method of inserting recombinant DNA into competent cells F factor (fertility) = a small circular piece of DNA in the cytoplasm, not located in chromosome, that gives the ability to mate conjugation pili = strings of protein polymer tentacles used to attach males to females conjugation, sexduction Hfr ” ( high frequency recombination ) = describes the tendency of F + Male bacteria to transfer DNA to females when the F factor is integrated into their DNA) conjugation, Watson strand = the one strand of DNA being transferred from the Hfr male into the female) conjugation Crick strand
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Final - Final Replica Plating = copying Petri dish bacteria...

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