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BICDSp06 review questions

BICDSp06 review questions - I For each of the following...

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I. For each of the following molecules, indicate WHERE they could be found in the cell. a) LDL receptor b) Signal Recognition Particle Receptor c) Ran-GTP d) Sar1-GTP e) Clathrin f) GPI anchored protein g) Na/glucose symporter h) Adaptins i) COPII k) GlcNAc phosphotransferase l) KDEL receptor II. Short answer questions a) Which of the following organisms would have the highest percentage of unsaturated fatty acid chains in their membranes? i) dog ii) bacterium that lives in thermal vent in Yellowstone iii) arctic fish b) Name two lipids that tend to be concentrated in lipid rafts. c) Name one cellular process that involves lipid rafts. d) If you removed the signal sequence from protein disulfide isomerase, where would the protein end up?
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e) How is it that multiple ER signal sequences can be recognized by a single protein? f) An early experiment demonstrated that membranes were likely made of a bilayer of lipids. What type of cells were used for these experiments?
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