11-9-06 BIMM100 Assign6p

11-9-06 BIMM100 Assign6p - BIMM 100 FALL 2006: Assignment 6...

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BIMM 100 FALL 2006 : Assignment 6 Preface: You are an ambitious undergraduate who started a research project in Dr. Cerevisiae’s lab in the regulatory biology department at The Institute of Biology. 1. Save parts a-c of this question until after lecture 15 . The graduate student in your lab identified a temperature sensitive mutant strain of yeast (noshmoo) that has defects in shmooing (a stage in the yeast mating scheme). The table describes the phenotype: (+) shmooing (–) no shmooing. a. What can you conclude about the noshmoo mutation? b. Your project is to identify the gene that is mutated. How would you do it? What is one limitation of this technique? What are the steps to take in this process? (Make sure you understand the theory behind each step.) c. You identified a cDNA that did complement the noshmoo mutation using the above method. Is your mutant dominant or recessive? How do you determine the mutation in your noshmoo mutant and describe the steps. d. After sequencing you discovered that the mutation in noshmoo introduced a premature STOP codon. You learned in BIMM 100 that mRNA surveillance has some thing to do with this. What is mRNA surveillance? What kind of mutation is a premature STOP codon? How does a cell respond to this kind of mutation? e. How do you determine that mutant noshmoo mRNA was degraded? 18 ° C 25 ° C 30 ° C WT - + + noshmoo - - +
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2. You did a homology search using BLAST and you find that the noshmoo gene is conserved from yeast to humans. a.
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11-9-06 BIMM100 Assign6p - BIMM 100 FALL 2006: Assignment 6...

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