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CHEMISTRY 140A (Perrin) Fall 2005 Midterm Exam #2 General: -5 for nonoctet atom (including CH 3 CH 2 with connection via CH 3 ), -2 for each C with omitted or extra H (as for skeletal structure), no penalty for drawing wedges and dotted lines for molecule without stereoisomers. 1. Prob. 6-42ab: +10 each, 0 if more than one box marked. 2. Chap. 5-2, 5-6 + inversion center from lecture: +6 each, 0 if more than one box marked. 3. Prob. 6-47b: +20 for correct order, +10 for correct reason. 4. Prob. 6-43c!: +10 for 2-iodobutane, +20 for any conformation of ( R ), even if shown as conformation about C1-C2 bond, -10 for iodopentane. 5. Prob. 6-29,31: +5 for each correct constitutional isomer (stereochemistry unnecessary), +5 for each correct circle, -5 for duplicate, -5 for incorrect circle, -5 for nonoctet atom (to maximum -15).
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Exer. 7-7: +10 each, 0 for any structure with nonoctet atom, -5 for connection to wrong atom (e.g.,-OCH 3 CH 2 or -CH 3 CH 2 O), -5 for skeletal/zigzag structure, 0 if does not match molecular formula or if connectivity is wrong (e.g. -CH 2 CH 2 OH); lone pairs unnecessary. 7. Prob. 5.53b: +15 each, -10 for each wrong or duplicated stereoisomer (minimum total 0). 8. Prob. 7-44a!: +10 each reagent (light, heat, cation unnecessary), no credit for Br (but 2 Br· from h ν OK), Cl, Cl 2 , I, I 2 or for redundant (Cl 2 , then Br 2 , but NaCl followed by NaI OK); +10 bonus for both correct (also for Cl 2 then I-). Reagents can be in any boxes if in correct order. If you think your exam has been misgraded, return it to your TA with an explanatory note. MAKE NO MARKS ON YOUR EXAM!...
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