106Ex2RevSht - PSYC 106 EXAM 2 REVIEW SHEET, Spring 2007...

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PSYC 106 EXAM 2 REVIEW SHEET, Spring 2007 •Bring your student ID, a pink scantron form (F-1712-PAR-L) & #2 pencil to the exam. This is all you will be allowed at your desk. •This review sheet does NOT cover all material that could possibly be on the exam. It is not meant to be the only source you use for studying for the exam, but just a supplement. 1. What is plasticity? a. How does it relate to brain development? b. When is it (most) prevalent? c. How do the components of the NS change? neurons, glia, synapses 2. What is the process of the Central Nervous System development? a. Neural plate b. Neural tube 3. What are the 5 steps of neuron development? a. What occurs at each step? b. c. Where does human adult brain neurogenesis occur? d. What directs differentiation of cells? e. Synapotogenesis in the prefrontal cortex is likely related to what ability that emerges around 9 months? f. How do neurons know where to go during migration and synaptogenesis? i. Who showed evidence for this in newts? How? 4. What is cell death during development called? a. What things do neurons need to do/accomplish in order to survive cell death? i. Neurotrophins – what are they? Examples? b. What is synaptic pruning? How does it relate to the above? What is it regulated by? (What factor determines how it occurs?) 5. How did the infant cateracts video illustrate “Neuronal Darwinism” or “use it or lose it”? a. What was most important about treatment? 6. What are some of the many causes of brain damage? 7. What is a penumbra? Which cause of brain damage is it associated with? 8. What are the two kinds of stroke or cerebrovascular accident (CVA)? a.
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106Ex2RevSht - PSYC 106 EXAM 2 REVIEW SHEET, Spring 2007...

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