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Psyc 106 Review Sheet for M.C. Questions, Final Exam (6/13/07, 7:00-10:00pm) This review sheet does NOT cover all material that could possibly be on the exam. It is not meant to be the only source you use for studying for the exam, but just a guideline. *Bring a #2 pencil and a regular pink scantron (as before) to the exam. Learning and Memory Lashley used lesions to localize memory - where? what tests did he use? did he find the engram? 3 problems w/ Lashley's experiments Pavlov and conditioning Serial model of memory Amnesia – organic vs. psychogenic; retrograde vs. anterograde Patient H.M. – medial temporal lobe amnesia bilateral medial temporal lobectomy - removed hpc, amygdala, rhinal cortex (why?) intelligence and personality stable good short-term memory (what is short term memory?) mild retrograde amnesia (limited to about 2 years proceeding surgery) what is time-limited or temporally graded retrograde amnesia? What is the Famous Faces test? how do amnesics do on both parts of the Rey-Osterrieth Figure? HM had severe anterograde amnesia limited to explicit memory, could do implicit memory tasks: mirror drawing task, visual motor pursuit task, priming tests, eyeblink conditioning - know Declarative (explicit) memory – semantic vs. episodic Implicit (procedural or nondeclarative) memory – what is it? what does it encompass? Other causes of amnesia hpc particularly vulnerable during heart attack, stroke, etc. - patient EP and herpes encephalitis (video) unilateral hpc damage – symptoms with each hemisphere? Korsakoff’s psychosis – cause? symptoms? confabulation is what?
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106S07FinalRevSht - Psyc 106 Review Sheet for M.C....

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