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144F06FinalRevSht - Psyc 144 FINAL Review Sheet This review...

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Psyc 144 FINAL Review Sheet •This review sheet is for lecture material ONLY & does NOT cover all material that could possibly be on the exam. It is not meant to be the only source you use for studying for the exam, but just a guideline. THIS SHEET DOES NOT INCLUDE VIDEO OR PRESENTATION MATERIAL. •Bring a #2 pencil and a regular pink scantron to the exam. •Reading : Ch. 8, 9, 10 + presentation/journal articles 4A/B, 5A/B, 6A/B, 7A/B ANIMAL MODELS How are declarative memory and rodent spatial memory similar? How does the transitive inference task demonstrate that rodent memory is flexible? OVERVIEW OF MULTIPLE MEMORY SYSTEMS General features of declarative vs. nondeclarative memory Squire’s Taxonomy of Memory – what are the components and how are they organized? Sleep and Memory Rats: What is a hippocampal place cell and what happens to their activity during sleep? Humans: what is hypnagogic mentation ? --Tetris and Sleep study : what were the groups? what did they do? what was found? why do the authors argue that remote memory is responsible? IMPLICIT MEMORY Priming : what is it? -Mitchell & Brown study of repetition priming with pictures: what did they do? what did they find? what are the features of visual repetition priming? what role does recognition play? -how do amnesics do on priming tasks (incl. patient EP )? -what brain areas are responsible for priming (especially as assessed in the word-stem completion task)? -generally, what happens to brain activity with priming? EMOTIONAL MEMORY What is the mere exposure effect ? -does it require conscious processing? -what does it tell us about emotional and declarative learning? What are the 3 structures we focused on within the limbic system? What is innate (unlearned) fear ? what is a US? What is conditioned fear ? what is a CS? What is the difference b/w Classical (Pavlovian) fear conditioning and Instrumental (Operant) fear conditioning ? Give an example of each. Why study conditioned fear in the lab? What are the features of conditioned fear? How is fear conditioning run in rodents? During training, the rodents learn to fear 2 things – what are they? What role does the amygdala play? the central nucleus ? the basolateral/lateral nucleus ?
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